Initeon Inc. offers a variety of services in the areas of consulting, business optimizations and even the latest in European designs for home hardware and fittings.

Dr. Salim Satir, Initeon’s founder and CEO has a unique skill set based on his education as well as his passion for fitness and research in this area. His expertise in training hundreds of professional athletes and coaches as well as, world-class bodybuilders and fitness athletes stems from an intimate knowledge of the sport and years of research spent in improving diet and training techniques. Salim approaches bodybuilding and fitness in general from a holistic standpoint. It is not just about the body, but the mindset. There is no “try” in his vocabulary; only “do”.

Dr. Satir is an engineer and holds a doctorate as well as a post-doc in civil engineering from the University of New Brunswick in Canada. He applies the same clinical efficiency to improving business processes and optimizing operational efficiencies. Streamline your expenses and achieve better results with lower risks.